Grade 12 English Spelling 15-Minute Pop Quizzes: Volumes 1 & 2

(Essential English Series: US Titles) Kindle Edition

Developed for students in Grades 11 & 12 who are preparing for the CURRENT and NEW REDESIGNED SATs, this e-Book contains two FULL 15-MINUTE POP QUIZZES, each consisting of 30 MULTIPLE-CHOICE questions of various types that assess the student's knowledge of spelling of over 240 HIGH-FREQUENCY WORDS used in SAT tests.

This volume also contains the following:

    • Provide quick guides to the correct solutions to all the questions in both the pop quizzes
    • Explain how the available points for each answer are to be awarded
  • 23 pages of DETAILED ANSWERS for ALL the solutions to the questions in the two pop quizzes that:
    • Restate every question and provide the correct solution in full detail
    • Provide additional definitions where appropriate

Click on the following links to go to STP's free ONLINE ANSWER PAGES (with instantaneous performance REPORTS) for these pop quizzes:

Grade 12 English Spelling 15-Minute Pop Quiz: Volume 1: Online Answer Page (.html)

Grade 12 English Spelling 15-Minute Pop Quiz: Volume 2: Online Answer Page (.html)