11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Papers 1, 2 & 3: Multiple-Choice & Standard Format Answers (Ages 10 - 11: Years 5 & 6)

Kindle Edition

Ideal for candidates aged 10-11 in the final stages of preparing for the 11+ and other selective secondary school entrance exams containing the Verbal Reasoning element, this volume contains three Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Papers. Each Paper consists of 80 unrepeated questions, similar in form and content to the types of questions used in actual examinations, including the following:

  • Missing Letters & Transferring Letters
  • Missing Words, Hidden Words, & Combining Words
  • Odd Ones Out
  • Letter Connections
  • Related Numbers
  • Codes: Words & Numbers; Words & Symbols; Words & Letters
  • Tally-based and Facts-based Deductions
  • Paired Word Patterns
  • Similar, Opposite, & Multiple Meanings
  • Word Analogies
  • Letter & Number Sums (Algebra)
  • Sequences: Letters; Numbers; Letters & Numbers
  • Completing Sums

This ebook also contains the following:

  • 3 FULL sets of ANSWERS
  • 93 PAGES of EXPLANATIONS for ALL the answers to the questions in this volume:
    • Each explanation shows why the correct solution is the correct solution
    • Each explanation restates its respective question to save you jumping between the Practice Tests and the Explanations
    • Explanations also include definitions as well as lists of synonyms and antonyms where appropriate

Click on the following links to go to STP's free E-ANSWER BOOKLETS and PRINTABLE ANSWER BOOKLETS for each test in this volume:

11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Papers: E-Answer Booklets: Tests 1 - 3 (.docx)

11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Papers: Printable Answer Booklets: Tests 1 - 3 (.pdf)