11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Book: Missing Letters: Multiple-Choice & Standard Format Answers (Ages 9 - 11: Years 5 & 6)

(Blitz Series) Kindle Edition

Offering a NEW APPROACH to mastering Verbal Reasoning, Swot Tots Publishing’s BLITZ SERIES is ideal for boosting student proficiency in Year 5 and for targeted revision in Year 6. Each volume in this series focuses on one of the key exam question types, providing a step-by-step Study Guide with worked examples; an invaluable list of Top Tips & Tricks; and, 100 unrepeated practice questions along with their answers and full explanations.

This volume focuses on the MISSING LETTER question type and includes the following:

  • An 8-page STUDY GUIDE containing detailed explanations of:
    • The Missing Letter question type
    • How to solve Missing Letter questions
    • A model mental process for solving Missing Letter questions
    • 5 unduplicated, fully worked-out Examples
    • 18 Different Examples of Formats of Missing Letter Questions
  • 10 UNITS of unrepeated Missing Letter practice questions similar in form and content to those used in actual exams, including questions designed to test and to expand the candidate's grasp of:
    • Vocabulary
    • Spelling Patterns & Rules
  • 45 PAGES of EXPLANATIONS for ALL the answers to the questions in this volume:
    • Each explanation shows why the correct solution is the correct solution
    • Each explanation restates its respective question to save you jumping between the Practice Tests and the Explanations
    • Explanations also include definitions as well as lists of synonyms and antonyms where appropriate

Click on the following links to go to STP's free E-ANSWER BOOKLETS and PRINTABLE ANSWER BOOKLETS for all 10 units in this volume:

11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Book: Missing Letters: E-Answer Booklet (.docx)

11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Book: Missing Letters: Printable Answer Booklet (.pdf)